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Şehir : Alanya / Konaklı
Ülke: Turkey
Toplam Bağımsız Bölüm : 18
Kat: 2 Floors
Toplam Blok : 11
Arazi Büyüklüğü  (Net) : 5.200 m2
İnşaat Başlama Zamanı: 30.11.2019

Satışları Başlamıştır.

Metrekareler: Tiplere  göre ortalama 2 kat toplam brüt  162m2 ile 260 m2
Oda Sayıları: 3 ve 4 yatak odası, 1 salon , açık mutfak, banyo, ebeveyn banyo
Toplam inşaat Yapım süresi : 17 ay

Plaj , Alişveriş merkezleri , Restaurant ve şehir merkezlerine yürüme mesafesinde yakındır . ( 300 – 700 m )
Şehir karmaşasından uzakta dingin ama önemli iş,eğlence,kültür,sanat ve alışveriş merkezlerine yakınlığı ile rahat ulaşımı sayesinde ve 4-5 yıldızlı otellerin tercih ettiği sahil bölgesinde , Elite Sun Villas hayatın tam içinde kaliteli yaşam projesi sunuyor………
Sözkonusu proje Antalya ili , Alanya ilçesi Konaklı semtinde yer almaktadır
Alanya’nın şirin tatil beldesi Konaklı’da bulunan Proje şehrin karmaşasından ve stresinden uzakta bir yaşam şekli sunarken önemli iş, alışveriş, kültür, sanat ve eğlence merkezlerine, Plaja , otobüs duraklarına yakınlığıyla sosyal bir yaşantıyı da sizlerle buluşturuyor.

Hem şehir hem tatil lokasyonu , Her yere yakınsınız
Konaklı şehir merkezine ve Alişveriş yerlerine 10 dakikalık yürüme mesafesindedir .
Toplu taşıma araçlarına yakın yürüme mesafesinde
Alanya -Antalya -Mersin otobanına E 24 Karayoluna 5 dakikalık yürüme mesafesindedir …
Alanya Yat Limanına 6 km ve Projelendirilmiş Yeni Golf alanlarına 4-6 km kadar yakın mesafededir.
Alanyaya 8 km uzaklıkta olup çevre yolundan trafik yoğunluğu olmadan 10 dakikada kolay ulaşım

Plaj : 700 m
Bankalar : 200-500 m
Alışveriş (Restaurant -Market v.s ) : 250 m
Night Club Summer Garden : 800 m
Alışveriş merkezi : 2 km

Otobüs durağı : 500 m
Her 30 dakikada tesis arkasındaki yoldan Alanya yönüne dolmuş geçmektedir.
Tesis yakınında taksi durağı mevcuttur.

Her villa için 1 araçlık kapalı otopark
Bisiklet ve Motorsiklet için park alanları yapılacaktır.

What is Nearby ?
Marina : 6 km
Dolphin show centre : 10 km
Belek Golf Clubs : 75 km
Alanya Castle : 12 km
Dim Cave : 25 km
Dim River : 20 km

Closest Urbanisation
Regional Centre of Konaklı : 2 km
Alanya Centre : 8 km

Gazipaşa Airport : 50 km
Antalya Airport : 95 km

Excellent İnvestment Opportunity

This is an enviable location as there are very few land plots available for development in the Alanya region that offer such stunning sea views and that are so close to the beach.
This exclusive five-star coastal project is located in a rapidly developing tourism investment region – this means good capital appreciation and high rental income returns.
One of the biggest advantages of this project is that it is only 700 metres from the beach; in addition, there are no comparable villa projects that can compete in terms of value for money.
With units priced from 294.000€ to 750.000€, all with a stunning panoramic sea view, it will truly be possible to realize your dream of a exclusive and exceptional luxury home in the sun.

Increasing foreign investments
The total number of foreign property owners in Turkey is around 270.000 – around 45.000 of these have chosen Alanya as their property investment destination (more than 17% of all foreign owners have purchased property in Alanya).
Alanya is a multi-national holiday and property investment destination.


The construction of the exceptional Elite Admiral Premium Residences is completed and the project is now fully operational…an exceptional lifestyle has begun.
Elite Admiral Premium Residences – with its innovative and unique architecture and design, use of high quality materials inside and out, this project has increased the value of real estate within the region as well as laying down a new benchmark for luxury lifestyle resorts in the Mediterranean region.
The presence of the Elite Admiral Premium Residences project will significantly enhance the speed of the sales cycle whilst, at the same time, increasing both capital appreciation and rental income returns.


With its extensive sports facilities, green areas available on the neighbouring plot and close proximity to the sea, Elite Sun Villas offers a unique and incomparable living experience.
Activities in the green area include landscaped walking paths, ornamental pool, BBQ areas, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts and a children’s playground – the whole of the green area is decorated with special aromatc plants, flowers and fruit trees.
For the Restaurant, Spa and Park area activities (at Elite Admiral Premium Residence) a discount of 10% on standard price tariffs will be offered.

Centrally located in the heart of “Tourism”

Tourism infrastructure and transportation links around the site are well established,
A safe, secure and comfortable environment for all.
Konaklı is one of the most attractive areas of Turkey with an enviable climate, beautiful coastal scenery and sophisticated night life, attracting around 1 million visitors a year.
The project is located in a unique coastal spot with excellent social infrastructure and home to both luxury residential resorts and some of the very best 4-5 star hotels.

Breathtaking, Unobstructed Sea, Mountain and Sunset Views

Your place at the highest level, everything you need is there and exclusive to you…
Enjoy the landscape in peace and tranquility – no traffic noise as the project sits south of the E24 highway.
Since the blocks are constructed on different elevations, unique and stunning sea views can be enjoyed from all units.
The project occupies an elevated position, around 80 metres above sea level at its highest point – a healthy, refreshing and cool environment, around 3C – 4C cooler than in the city centre.


The project guarantees a peaceful life, bringing together distinguished and like-minded neighbours, all of whom have adopted this superior lifestyle.
Those selective residents that have adopted the Elite Sun Villas lifestyle will experience a tranquil and peaceful lifestyle, secure in the knowledge of the outstanding guarantees provided by Elite Group.
Enjoy The Balconies and Terraces – The terraces and balconies of all units are designed to take full advantage of the unique location and provide ample space for you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea and the stunning sunsets for which this part of Turkey is renowned.